Kawasaki Shaft drive Club (UK)

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Kawasaki GT Club

The club was formed in February 1988 primarily for all owners of GT, GTR and other shaft-driven Kawasaki's.

A few years ago the Club opened itself up to welcome other makes of bikes.


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Last Updated  25 May 2015

Aims of the Club

  • To provide owners of shaft-drive Kawasakis a regular point of contact with other owners.
  • To foster friendship through ownership of these machines.
  • To provide a monthly magazine for members.
  • To organise social activities.
  • To promote safe riding.

Member’s Bikes

Full membership costs £15.00 a year.

Joint membership (two members in one household) costs £20.

The Kawasaki GT Club is an affiliated member of the British Motorcyclists' Federation.


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